The activities of the plant quarantine station at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, are conducted under the Plant Quarantine Act-2011 and Plant Quarantine Rules 2018. Some important provisions of the Plant Quarantine Act 2011 have been stated below. 

  • To regulate the export of plants or plant products, pests, beneficial organisms and packing material according to the phytosanitary requirements of the importing country in consistence with international agreements; {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 4(b)}

  • To make arrangement for issuing phytosanitary certificates in accordance with the phytosanitary requirements of the importing countries; {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 4(e)}

  • To comply with the international agreements, protocols, conventions, etc. on phytosanitary measures, of which Bangladesh is a party or a signatory country, and to conduct implementation activities thereof, and to follow, conduct and coordinate the activities regarding conservation of plant bio-diversity; {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 4(o)}

  • No importer shall, without an import permit, import any plant or plant product, beneficial organism, soil or packing materials into Bangladesh. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 9(1)}

  • If any person, with or without his consent, receives any plants or plant product, beneficial organisms or packing materials from outside Bangladesh, he shall notify it to the nearest plant quarantine officer. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 12(1)}

  • The plant quarantine officer shall, upon examination thereof, make arrangement for their release or destruction or treatment or disposal. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 12(2)}

  • No exporter shall export any plant or plant product without a phytosanitary certificate issued by the Authority. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 18(1)}

  • All the plants or plant products confined or confiscated for quarantine shall remain under the custody of the plant quarantine officer and he shall take necessary measures in the manner prescribed by rules for the purposes of quarantine of such plants or plant products. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 7}

  • All officers of Customs, Coast Guard, Police Department, Border Guard Bangladesh, Postal Department, Port Authorities, Civil Aviation Authorities, Railway Department, Shipping Agencies, Airlines and such other institutions shall assist to prevent the activities repugnant to this Act and extend necessary cooperation to the plant quarantine officer in exercising powers and performing duties under this Act. {Plant Quarantine Act 2011, 23}
Plant Quarantine Activities:

a. To ensure plant health protection.
b. Regulating imports prevent infiltration of quarantine pest from other countries.
c. To make arrangement for issuing phytosanitary certificates in accordance with the phytosanitary requirements of the importing countries 
d. Regulating export activities in accordance with international with the international agreements, protocols, conventions.
e. Clearance of imported products ensuring plant health protection.
f. Conduct plant quarantine activities in coordination with various government agencies such as customs, Aviation Security (AVSEC), police etc.

Instructions for Passengers: 

a. If the passenger brings any agricultural products (like. fruits, vegetables, spices, processed agricultural goods, dry fruits etc.) from abroad, he must submit the declaration form at the arrival desk of plant quarantine.

b. In case of seeds, the seeds are released within 72 hours after seed health testing.  For seedlings, saplings, or living plants brought from abroad, it must be properly treated with appropriate chemicals (insecticide, fungicide, and others) and free-form soil; otherwise, they will be seized and destroyed.

c. Departure passengers who want to carry agricultural products (such as fruits, vegetables, spices, seeds, seedlings, processed agricultural goods, etc.) must apply for a phytosanitary certificate (PC) to the plant quarantine office 24 hours in advance.