Custom house, Dhaka is working under the umbrella of National Board of Revenue (NBR) which is the apex body for direct and indirect tax revenue in Bangladesh. NBR is the major organ of Internal Resources Division (IRD) under the ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh. Dhaka Custom House is the largest airport customs station of Bangladesh. It is located in Kurmitola which is northern Part of Dhaka city. It's primarily responsible for collection of all duties and taxes at the import stage. Apart from collection of government revenue it also passenger service of airport and trade facilitation, enforcement of government laws & regulations, Protection of public health cultural heritage environment ensures outgoing & incoming trade compliance.

To provide passenger services to incoming and outgoing passengers through Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport besides collection of customs duty on imported and exported goods by air and to prevent smuggling including collection of customs tax in the light of applicable rules and regulations under the Commissioner of Custom House, Dhaka through the following 4 shifts 24/7 (Hour/Day) activities are being conducted.

In order to ensure passenger service, arriving/departing passengers by air must be aware of the existing baggage rules. below are mentioned the existing provisions in phases.

Emergency Contact: Airport customs (Mike -14) 01318251373

a) What goods can a passenger carry tax free by air?

A passenger can bring 01 of the following goods free of duty (tax) at the baggage facility from abroad: [Schedule-3]*
• Cassette player/two-in-one
• CD player
• Discman/Walkman (Audio)
• Desktop/laptop computer (with a UPS)
• Computer scanner
• Conventional and electric typewriters
• Printers, fax machines, telephone sets
• Video Camera (except Hd Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam and such cameras used for professional purposes) Still Camera/Digital Camera, Oven Rice Cooker/Pressure Cooker/Gas Oven (with Burner)
• Toaster/sandwich maker/blender/food/juicer /coffee maker
• Household sewing machine
• Table/pedestal fans/household ceiling fans
• Sports equipment (for personal use)
• Gold ornaments weighing 100 grams and silver ornaments weighing 200 grams (Not more than 12 ornaments per type).

b) What goods can be brought in dutifully (without penalty) by a passenger?
one of the products mentioned in the table below can be brought by the passenger in the baggage facility from abroad on payment of the mentioned amount of duty (tax) [Schedule-2]:*



Detail of goods

Amount of TAX





Plasma, LCD, TFT, LED and similar technology televisions


(a) Upto 30"-36".

BDT. 10,000 TK

(b) Upto 37"- 42".

BDT. 20,000 TK

(c) Upto 43"-46".

BDT. 30,000 TK

(d) Upto 47"-52".

BDT. 50,000 TK

(e) Upto 53"-65".

BDT. 70,000 TK

(f) 66” to and above

BDT. 90,000 TK


Gold bars (maximum 117 grams or 10 tolas)

BDT 4,000 per 11.664 grams


Silver bars (Maximum 234 grams or 20 tolas)

BDT. 6 per 11.664 grams


Refrigerator/Deep Freezer

BDT. 5,000


Air Cooler/Air Conditioner

(a) Window type Window type

BDT. 7,000

(b) Split type upto 18,000 BTU

BDT. 15,000

(c) Split type above 18,000 BTU

BDT. 20,000


Dish Antenna

BDT. 7,000


With more than 4 (four) but not more than 8 speakers (music center)/regardless of speakers Home Theater (CD/VCD/DVD/LED/MD/Blu Ray Disc Set)

BDT. 8,000


HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam and such cameras used for professional purposes

BDT. 15,000



BDT. 300 (Per point)


Dish Washer/Washing Machine/Cloth Dryer

BDT. 3,000


Airguns/Air Rifles (importable subject to approval of Ministry of Commerce)

BDT. 5,000

        *S.R.O. No. 164-Act/2016/26/Customs (Amended upto 01 June 2017)

c) To be carried out on redemption of baggage not brought with the passenger:

Unaccompanied Baggage (Unaccompanied Baggage) subject to compliance with the rules can be exempted from duty by providing a proper declaration. The declaration form (Schedule-1) is given to the passengers in the aircraft before landing or is available at customs.

By mistake: or due to unavoidable reasons, if it is not possible to make the declaration before leaving the customs hall, the declaration must be made at the customs house adjacent to the airport within 07 (seven) days of the passenger's arrival. A copy of the declaration must be submitted to the airport customs officer at the time of baggage release.

d) Necessary instructions for carriage of gold:

A passenger can carry a maximum of 117 grams or 10 total of gold upon declaration at the customs hall subject to the following duties (taxes):
Duty/tax per 11.664 grams = BDT. 4,000
Duty/tax on 117 grams       = BDT.40,000 (Approx.)
Any amount of gold over 117 grams will be confiscated/detained by the customs authorities. Carriage of any quantity of gold bars or bullion or gold without alloy without declaration is totally illegal. Undeclared gold bearer the passenger will be detained and arrested and a criminal case filed and handed over to the nearest police station.

e)  Instructions for carrying cigarettes:

A person can carry a maximum of 1 carton or 200 cigarettes for his personal needs. Any amount of cigarettes or any amount of Vape or Liquid Nicotine in excess of 1 cut/200 shalak will be seized/detained by customs authorities.

f)  Instructions for carrying Liquor:

No Bangladeshi passport holder can carry alcoholic beverages. All such imported liquor shall be seized/detained by the Customs authorities. However, a foreign passport holder can bring up to one liter of liquor or alcoholic beverages (eg: spirits, beer etc.) duty free.

g)  In case of carrying mobile set:

A passenger can carry maximum 2 mobile sets tax free. However, 6 more mobile sets are exempt subject to payment of certain amount of duty (tax). BTRC requires a No Objection Letter (NOC) for the sale of more than 8 mobile sets. Failure to show NOC to BTRC will result in confiscation/detention of all mobile sets beyond 8 sets by Customs authorities.

h) Instructions in respect of additional goods carried with passengers:

Goods carried are exempt from payment of duties/taxes unless considered commercial. However, any quantity of goods brought for commercial purposes will be seized/detained by the customs authorities.

j) To be done in case of carrying Laptop/Computer:

A passenger can bring an old/new laptop/computer with him (Accompanied).

(j) Instructions on carrying firearms:

The carrying of all types of firearms by passengers is completely prohibited. However, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, a passenger can carry an airgun/air rifle with a tax of Tk 5,000.

k) Instructions regarding import/removal of foreign currency:

Incoming passengers can bring any amount of foreign currency accompanied (Accompanied) from abroad. However, if more than USD 10,000 or an equivalent amount of foreign currency is brought from abroad, the FMJ form must be filled out and declared at customs. In the case of outbound passengers, the foreign currency should be endorsed in the passport.

Note: Customs officials are responsible for the enforcement of the Customs Act, 1969, along with other ancillary and customary laws including the Narcotics Control Act, Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Import-Export Control Act, and Import Policy Order, in addition to the suppression of smuggling, prevention of duty evasion in the declared areas.