Executive Magistrates at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport are authorized to conduct Mobile Court operations within the airport premises. They receive complaints from passengers and visitors either in person or through electronic channels and address them them through Mobile Court operations or by advice. The Executive Magistrate operate in accordance with the Mobile Court Act of 2009, as well as the Rules of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, within their legal jurisdiction. 

Executive Magistrate’s service phone: +8801304050603

email: airport.magistrate.bd@gmail.com

facebook messenger: https://www.facebook.com/AirportMagistrates

Nature of Complaints usually Disposed of: Under the Acts and sections of the Acts described in Annexure-1, the complaints disposed by the Executive Magistrates usually cover the following areas: 

Serial No

Nature of the Complaints


Complaints against product sellers: Not displaying price list of products on sale or the prices of some particular product/s in the price list; Selling or offering to sell products at a price higher than what has been fixed; Selling or offering to sell products without expiry date or date expired products; Selling sub-standard products; Selling products with lower weight or size or amount than the standard; Violating the standards in selling products etc.


Complaints against different service delivery organizations and persons: Not providing the committed service to the passengers; Actions that may endanger passenger’s life and security; Causing financial or health damage to the passengers by acts of negligence, irresponsibility, or carelessness; Not displaying the price of service on offer.


Carrying of passengers by the aircraft operators violating conditions determined by the govt. of Bangladesh; Not providing the passengers with the promised service by the aircraft operators without reasonable or lawful reasons.


Unruly behaviour of passengers in Bangladesh-bound flight.


Annoying the passengers or visitors or attempting to take away the goods in their possession at the entry and exit points of the airport.


Violation of access restrictions: Endangering the security of the passengers by the entry of unauthorized persons at different points of airport.


Violation of service-related instructions issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and thereby jeopardizing passengers’ security.


Attempt to send any passenger abroad unlawfully for work


Violation of restrictions regarding control of communicable diseases.


Smoking and Drug Abuse: Smoking in non-designated areas, taking drugs and or causing public nuisance under influence of drugs


Formation of unlawful assembly, commission of public nuisance, assault or affray etc in the airport area


Actions intended to outrage the modesty of any woman