Aviation Security (AVSEC) is a Division working for the security of passengers, crew, and aircraft at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. 

The primary responsibilities of AVSEC are screening passengers and their belongings for prohibited items, such as weapons, explosives, and illegal drugs, conducting security checks on aircraft and cargo, patrolling airport grounds and facilities to deter and detect security threats, responding to security incidents and emergencies, working with other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the aviation system.

AVSEC plays a vital role in keeping our skies safe. The personnel of AVSEC are highly trained and skilled professionals who are dedicated to protecting the public travelling through the airport. 

In addition to the duties listed above, AVSEC is also be responsible for:

01. Issuing and inspecting airport identification cards.

02. Managing access to secure areas of the airport.

03. Conducting training for other airport personnel on security matters.

04. Maintaining security records and reports.

05. Sharing the common goal of ensuring the safety of the aviation system.

06. Supervising the movement of passengers, vehicles, and aircraft in secure areas.

07. Responding to passenger inquiries and complaints.

08. Maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor at all times.

09. Enforcing airport rules and regulations in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-17.

10. Ensuring passenger service to the respected passengers as per International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-9.