Terminal-1, Terminal-2 and Domestic Terminal:

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport comprising three major terminals- Terminal-1, Terminal-2, and the domestic terminal. Terminal-1 and Terminal-2 are specifically designated for international flights and within the same building. Upon arrival, respected passengers proceed through arrival immigration and customs clearance before exiting through the international arrivals concourse hall on the ground floor via canopy-1 and canopy-2. Departing passengers access the international departure concourse hall on the second floor, where they complete their airlines check-in procedures, and go through departure immigration, and proceed to board their aircraft. The domestic terminal, located to the left of the international terminals, caters to domestic flights and features a one-story layout where both the arrivals and departures concourse halls are situated on the same floor (Ground Floor).

Terminal 3:

There is ongoing construction of Terminal-3, which is anticipated to become operational in 2024. This project aim to accommodate the increasing passenger traffic, enhance the operational capabilities, and provide modern facilities for a seamless travel experience.

VVIP Terminal:

In addition to the international terminals, there is a VVIP terminal building situated to the right side of the Terminal-2. The VVIP terminal is continently positioned approximately 200 metres (220 yards) from the main gate, providing exclusives services to VVIP passengers.

Cargo Terminal:

There is a cargo terminal with a current capacity of 200,000 tons per annul. Following the completion of the ongoing renovation and expansion project, the cargo terminals capacity will be increased to accommodate up to 500,000 tons.