Arrival from Boarding Bridge/Parking Bay

After the aircraft lands, respected passengers will be offloaded through the boarding bridge or parking bay and will emerge in the arrivals immigration area. If the aircraft arrives at a remote bay, passengers will proceed to the immigration area through Gate-21 (Ground Floor). If the aircraft arrives at a boarding bridge, passengers will follow the stairs on the 2nd floor of the boarding bridge hall, opposite to boarding bridge-7.


Incoming Immigration

After entering the arrivals immigration area, the respected passengers will proceed to the Bangladeshi counter if they hold Bangladeshi passport. Foreign passport holders, should proceed to the foreign counter to complete the immigration process by presenting their required documents, such as on-arrival visas etc.


Luggage Collection

After completing of immigration, respected passengers will proceed to their designated baggage belt by following the display board to collect their booked baggage. It should be noted that if a passenger finds his/her luggage torn, cut, damaged or broken, he/she should raise a complaint with the concerned airline or Biman Bangladesh Airline "Lost and Found section", guided by the help desk at HSIA.


Adoption of various facilities by airports in the arrival belt area

There are two help desks located on either side of the arrival belt area where the respected passengers can access free information services. Additionally, there are facilities for pure drinking water, free Wi-Fi services and free telephone booths for emergency communication. Also, money exchange services are available for foreign currency exchange.


Customs Formalities

After collecting their luggage from the designated belt, the respected passengers will enter the customs area. If the respected passengers are carrying dutiable goods, they are required to make a declaration before undergoing customs screening and will proceed to the customs desk to complete the tax payment in accordance with government policy. If the respected passengers do not have any dutiable goods, they can proceed directly to the customs screening and exit through the green channel.


Leave Airport

After leaving the customs green channel, the respected passengers can exit the airport through exit gates 1 & 2. Noted that, in front of the green channel there are car rental services, free telephone booths, Bangladeshi mobile SIM card sales shop, various types of banks for currency exchange are available.